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Ellen Delaney grew up in Hamden Connecticut and has lived in the Washington DC area for many years. She has worked as an architect for the past 25 years. Her interest in design and graphics as an architect led to painting, first in a realistic fashion and in recent years with increasingly abstract forms. She is interested in experimenting with color and texture. Rural landscapes have been the subject of her focus. Frequent travels to Iowa for architectural work in the past three years have inspired abstract landscapes depicting planted fields, simple barns, and endless skies. Time at Maryland's Eastern Shore and New England coastal areas have provided material for her many water scenes. Her paintings strive to distill a feeling of a place, rather than an accurate recreation.  


Ellen is a juried member of the Torpedo Factory Artists in Alexandria, Virginia, where she paints and shows her work in studio 330. She is currently represented by Roan & Black Gallery in Saugatuck Michigan. 




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